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The main projects

  • org.wikimodel.common – The common classes used by all other modules
  • org.wikimodel.wem – Wiki Document Event Model (WEM) for wiki pages (contains definition of listeners for all structural elements in wiki pages). Depends on project.
  • org.wikimodel.wom – Document Object Model (DOM) for wiki pages (contains definition of java objects corresponding to all structural elements in wiki pages.) Depends on org.wikimodel.common project
  • org.wikimodel.transform – Translates events from WEM into an object structure from WOM and vice versa (WOM -> events from WEM). Depends on org.wikimodel.common, org.wikimodel.wem and org.wikimodel.wom projects


All parsers/serializers depends on org.wikimodel.common and org.wikimodel.wem projects.

  • org.wikimodel.format – Base project for all event-based formatters for “wiki-source” pages (editable format) and for html-format. It depends on org.wikimodel.common and projects
  • org.wikimodel.format.source – Contains a parser and a serializer for the wiki-page syntax. Parser notifies the corresponding listeners from WEM about each structural element in the parsed page. This project depends on org.wikimodel.format.
  • org.wikimodel.format.xml – Contains XML serializer/deserializer. The serializer transforms a sequence of events into a well-formed XML document. Each structural element in the original wiki-page is represented by its own XML tag in the resulting XML document. Parser deserializes the document into the same sequence of events. This project depends on org.wikimodel.format.
  • org.wikimodel.format.html – HTML serializer. Transforms sequence of events (see WEM) to a well-formed XHTML document.

Utility projects

  • – Ant-build script for all projects (now it simply generates *.zip with this “distribution”)
  • org.wikimodel.repository – Jar repository (javacc and junit libraries)

Tests, example applications, documentation

  • org.wikimodel.test – JUnit testcases for all other projects Depends on all other projects.
  • – a simple formatter for static text documents on the disk (very dirty; should be rewritten)
  • org.wikimodel.doc – the documentation for the project (“*.txt” formats and result of generation in “*.html” format) (It contains syntax descriptions, examples and some notes about the architecture of the system)

How to get?


You can find all WikiModel projects in SourceForge CVS repository. All instructions about CVS can be found here».

Eclipse Team Project Set

Eclipse Team Project Set can be used to load all WikiModel project at once in Eclipse IDE».

How to use Team Project Set files:

  1. Download “org.wikimodel.psf” file and store it locally
  2. Open Eclipse IDE
  3. Select “File” → “Import…” menu option
  4. Choose “Team” → “Team Project Set” option
  5. Select locally stored “org.wikimodel.psf” file
  6. Push “Finish” button
  7. To connect to CVS you can use the following parameters:
    • Login – “anonymous”
    • Password – “” (empty)
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