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Basic special symbols

Description Format Result HTML
Greater-than sign > > >
Less-than sign < < &lt;
Ampersand & & &amp;

Special symbols

Description Format Result HTML
Horizontal ellipsis = three dot leader text... text… text&hellip;
Em dash text --- text text — text text&nbsp;&mdash; text
En dash text -- text text – text text&nbsp;&ndash; text
Single quot 'text' ’text’ &rsquo;text&rsquo;
Double quot "text" “text” &ldquo;text&rdquo;
Trade mark sign text(TM) text™ text&trade;
Number sign (No)1 № 1 &#8470;&nbsp;1
No-break space = non-breaking space ()
text    text
Plus-minus sign = plus-or-minus sign +/- ± &plusmn;

(?) special symbols

Parser recognize “(?)” sequence (where “?” is any character) as a special sequence. Treatement of this sequence (as well as all other special elements) depends completly on the user’s listener code. For XHTML formatter the following transformations are defined:

Description Format Result HTML
Degree sign (o) ° &deg;
Copyright sign (C) © &copy;
Registered trade mark sign (R) ® &reg;
Euro sign (E) &euro;

HTML special symbols

“&(code)” syntax “&code;” syntax Result HTML
&(alpha) &alpha; α &alpha;
&(beta) &beta; β &beta;
&(gamma) &gamma; γ &gamma;
&(larr) &larr; &larr;
&(rarr) &rarr; &rarr;
&(uarr) &uarr; &uarr;
&(darr) &darr; &darr;

for more symbols - see “Character entity references»
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