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Default block formatting

Default inline formatting


Description Format Result HTML
Citation ??text?? text <cite>text</cite>
Deleted text --text-- text <del>text</del>
Inserted text ++text++ text <ins>text</ins>
Italic ''text'' text <em>text</em>
Bold **text** text <strong>text</strong>
Monospaced __text__ text <tt>text</tt>
Span $$((style=“color:red”))text$$ text <span style=“color:red”>text</span>
Superscript text^^text^^ texttext text<sup>text</sup>
Subscript text~~text~~ texttext text<sub>text</sub>

Example of a “bad-formed” user’s markup

The parser is really persistent for user’s errors:

Description Format Result HTML
Bad-formed (overlapped) styles
 normal **bold 
   italic'' normal 

normal bold bold-italic italic normal

<p> normal <strong>bold 
   italic</em> normal </p>

Another examples

Syntax Result
H~~2~~SO~~4~~ = 2H^^+^^ + SO~~4~~^^2-^^
X = **Y** ^^$$((style=“color:red”))a+b+c^^$$ + Z


H2SO4 = 2H+ + SO42-

X = Y a+b+c + Z

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